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Angela Baxter Hubbard


Posted: April 19th, 2008 @ 3:17am

Young lovers

Young lovers
Angela Baxter arrived in Pine Valley in 1982. She was a High School senior who came to PV with her mother Pat, a homemaker and father Les, an attorney. Angie was befriended by Jenny Gardner. Jenny was also best friend of Jesse Hubbard, who came from a hardscrabble background. Angie was introduced to Jesse by Jesse’s Uncle, Dr. Frank Grant. Frank asked Angie to tutor Jesse.

Angie was a straight-laced honor student who would never dream of breaking the rules. She thought Jesse was an obnoxious poser who wasn’t really as tough as he pretended to be. Jesse thought Angie was a stuck up rich kid who knew nothing about the real world.

Like modern day Romeo and Juliet, they were drawn to each other. Along with Jenny, and her boyfriend Greg Nelson, Jesse and Angie became inseparable. This proved totally unacceptable to Angie’s father. Les saw Jesse as a low life punk who was in no way good enough for his daughter. Despite Les' protests, Angie’s feelings for Jesse grew steadily stronger.

Les did everything in his power to keep Angie and Jesse apart. He even sat with them when Jesse would come to see Angie and refused to let Angie go out of the house with Jesse. Nothing could stop the feelings between the two, not even Daddy. Jesse, like any teenage boy, was anxious to make love to Angie. Angie tried to go along with the idea, but she was just too proper to think of premarital sex. Angie and Jesse eloped Valentine’s night 1983. They didn’t tell anyone about their marriage except Jenny and Greg.

About a month later, Angie discovered she was pregnant. She was afraid Jesse didn’t want children so she told him she wanted a divorce. Jesse was crushed. During this same time frame Jesse’s beloved Uncle Frank for whom son Frankie would later be named, passed away from a heart attack. Jesse was sent reeling.

Angie never told him about the baby. She flew to Haiti and got a quickie divorce. She was sent to live with an aunt until it was time for the baby to be born. Dear old Daddy talked her into giving up her baby for adoption. Angie reluctantly agreed. Ever the detective, Jesse found out about the baby just as Angie was giving birth. He arrived at the hospital and told Angie how wrong she was about him not wanting the child. Alas, it was too late. The papers had been signed.

Jesse refused to accept this. After a heated exchange with both Angie and Les, Jesse set out to find his son. His determination to get his family back together won Angie over. The two soon united and managed to find the home of the couple that had adopted their baby boy. Though it was not his finest moment, Jesse was desperate to get his boy back. He and Angie kidnapped the baby and moved to Center City, not far from Pine Valley. They were eventually found and tried. The pair convinced the judge to give custody back to them and the charges were dropped. Jesse never forgave Les. Pat divorced Les and went to live with Angie, Jesse and little Franklin Quentin Hubbard.

A year later, Eugene Hubbard arrived in PV. He was Jesse’s half brother. Eugene took an immediate liking to Angie and decided he was better suited for her than Jesse. He enlisted the aid of Yvonne Caldwell, Jesse’s sing partner to break the pair up. Yvonne did manage to seduce Jesse. Eugene sent Angie to Yvonne’s home in time to catch him sitting on her sofa wrapped in a towel. What had transpired was obvious. Angie went ballistic. She moved out of their home. She did not however, fall for Eugene. After much begging, pleading and kicking Eugene’s butt when Yvonne admitted the plot, Angie took Jesse back and the Hubbards were happy once more. Briefly.

Jesse’s best friend in the world beside Angie was Jenny Gardner. By now Jenny and Greg were married as well. Jenny jilted Tony Barclay by leaving him at the altar to run off and marry Greg. Tony didn’t take this well. He rigged a pair of water skis that Greg was supposed to use, with explosives. Jenny decided at the last minute to take the first turn. With Greg and Jenny’s older brother Tad watching Jenny was blown to pieces. PV was stunned. Jesse was bereft.

Jesse had become a police officer. In the middle of a case involving a black market baby ring, Yvonne returned to PV stating she was pregnant and the baby was Jesse’s. Though this proved false, it shook the Hubbards confidence as the uber happy couple. In trying to capture the head of the baby ring, Jesse found out the mastermind was his own father-in-law Les Baxter. He did not tell Angie. During a scuffle in a warehouse Les fell over a banister and was killed while trying to shove Jesse.

Angie was distraught to say the least. She vowed never to forgive Jesse and for months would have nothing to do with him. Jesse was devastated and Angie was miserable. True love would not be denied. Angela was doing her internship at PVH by this time. Dr. Voight, her attending physician, began sexually harassing Angie. Jesse found out and devised a way to catch Dr. Voight in the act so that the hospital board would get rid of him. (Angie wouldn’t let him punch the creep’s lights out.) Also on Angie’s plate at this time was a case involving an AIDS patient that Angie had grown particularly close to. The stress of all this sent Angie back into Jesse’s arms. The two reunited and all was well. Briefly.

Jesse was working an undercover drug operation. He was assigned to get close to a local businessman, John “Remy” Remington. Someone had it in for Remy. Jesse was shot by a gunman aiming for Remy. (Remy would later repay the debt by trying to move in on Angie before the casket had been lowered good.)

Angie was crestfallen. The love of her life was dead. She spiraled into a series of dead end relationships including doctors Jeff Martin, Cliff Warner, and Cal Cummings. Angie also dated current PV police chief, Derek Frye. No one could fill Jesse’s shoes. In 1991 Angie and Frankie left PV.

In 1993, Angie and Frankie settled in Corinth PA. Soon after her arrival, Angie was kidnapped from while leaving the hospital. Charles Harrison a police officer, saved Angie. Charles fell for Angie and she decided to try love again. Marrying more out of gratitude than love, Angie wed Charles. It was hardly the passionate union she had with Jesse. Jesse’s memory lingered on. One day a stranger that would change Angie’s life landed in Corinth. Jacob Johnson (later to reveal his real surname was Foster) arrived and Angie was immediately drawn to him. He was the spitting image of her beloved Jesse. It was later revealed Jacob and Jesse  were distant cousins. Despite trying to fight their growing physical attraction, Angie and Jacob were bedfellows waiting to happen. One night temptation got the best of them and Angie and Jacob made love. That was it. Angie knew Jacob wasn’t Jesse, but she also knew he was as close as she was going to get. The girl who had to be married to make love the first time had committed adultery. The marriage to Harrison was over. Angie and Jacob found themselves deeply in love. Jacob and Angie eventually moved to New York City where Angie founded a free clinic. Frankie was a teenager and seemed ok with his mother’s relationship. Jacob arranged for a candlelight wedding in their loft. Angela Baxter Hubbard Harrison Foster was happy at last. Briefly.

Angie had a terrible bout with anemia and was diagnosed as carrying a strong sickle cell trait. Afraid that she would pass it on to a child (Frankie never developed sickle cell), Angie and Jacob talked of adoption. The Fosters adopted a baby girl abandoned in a dumpster and name her Cassandra.

Angie and Jacob would eventually divorce but remain good friends. She stayed away from PV for 17 years because the memories were just too painful.

In January 2008, Angie Baxter Hubbard (the rest don’t matter) returned to PV. And the rest is AnJ Nation HISTORY!!!


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