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Friday, May 16, 2008

Angie & Jesse argue over dredging up the past; Cass is under Robert's power as he drugs her for info

Posted: May 16th, 2008 @ 7:47pm


Angie: Hey, baby.
Jesse: Hey.
Angie: Mmm. Got your message. This is a nice surprise.
Jesse: Yeah, just needed to see my bride to be.
Angie: Mm-hmm, now tell me why you're really here.
Jesse: I wanted to talk to you about something.
Angie: Couldn't wait until I got home?
Jesse: I don't -- I'm a little worried about Cassandra.

Angie: What do you mean you're worried about Cassandra?
Jesse: I don't know. It's just a feeling, I guess. She said she's been missing things.
Angie: Like what? Paris? Her dad?
Jesse: No, no, something physical. She feels like somebody's been going through her stuff.
Angie: Well, was something taken?
Jesse: Well, she was kind of vague about all that, but, uh, she -- remember she was looking for something earlier?
Angie: Well, you know, Cassandra has never been known for her organization.
Jesse: Yeah, you didn't see it? She was really uneasy.
Angie: Well, honey, she has a lot going on right now.
[Jesse sighs]
Jesse: Yeah, I --
Angie: Baby? Don't go looking for trouble where there isn't any.
Jesse: What's that supposed to mean?
Angie: The bad man's dead, jesse. You saw it with your own eyes. Now, nobody is chasing you anymore.
[Jesse sighs]
Angie: Ok? You're finally safe. You, me, frankie, and cassandra. Nothing bad is ever going to touch us again.

Jesse: Whatever papel wanted from me, he didn't get it, which means it's still out there, probably in that little toy you gave away to charity.
Angie: That's just it. I gave it away, Jesse. As in it's not our problem anymore. Baby, look. I know it's been hard for you, letting this go, but please, please, don't find excuses to dredge this all up again.
Jesse: Look, I'm not find -- baby, something is off with Cassandra. That's all I'm saying.
Angie: Well, from an 18-year-old who's fighting like crazy to fit in?
Jesse: Meaning?
Angie: Meaning I'm surprised it was just a vibe and not an all-out electric shock.

Jesse: All right, this is me, shutting up. Dropping the subject. No more papel. No more vibes. I'm done. Capito.

[Angie laughs] Jesse: Finito. "Shut up, jesse," right?

[Jesse laughs]
Angie: All right, all right, so what do we talk about instead?
Jesse: Um, wedding?
Angie: Oh, god, Jesse. Can you believe that we'll get to say "I do" in front of god, friends, our entire family?
Jesse: Yeah. And we're going to do it right this time. Oh, by the way, that dress you picked out? Killer. Joking.
[Angie makes slapping noise]
Jesse: Oh! Angie: Jesse, you know what? That is not funny. We have had enough bad luck to last us a lifetime.
Jesse: All right, you're right. From here on out, good luck all the way.



Cassandra: I don't know when my mom and Jesse are going to be home, so --
Robert: Oh, I -- I don't mind waiting, if that's all right. Besides, like I said, I came by to see you, too.
Cassandra: Why?
Robert: Well, after that conversation we had in the comeback, I thought you might like to look at some of my drawings.
Cassandra: Oh.
Robert: Huh?
Cassandra: Cool. Do you want a drink or something?
Robert: Well, that'd be just great, if you don't mind. I'll -- and I'll just have what you're having.
Cassandra: Ok. Oh, I have this new drink, this soda I discovered in paris. It's amazing. I had to hide some in my room from Frankie. You'll see. You won't know what hit you.
She leaves the room
Robert: That's funny, because neither will you.



Colby: ...can you do me a favor, Uncle Stuart?
Stuart: Of course.
Colby: I was supposed to drive little a back to babe's, but I'm running late for my shift at the hospital. Do you think you could take him?
Stuart: Oh, I'd love that.
Colby: Oh, one more thing. Could you drop this off at the hubbards' on your way?
Stuart: Sure.
Colby: You're the best.
[Stuart chuckles]
Stuart: Well, you worn little animal, you. You must be very important to somebody at the Hubbards'.



Cassandra: I just need to get some ice. Ow!
Robert: Oh, I'm sorry. Did that hurt?

Robert: What happened to that elephant?
Cassandra: Mommy was going to give him to charity, but I took him. I brought him with me to paris.
Robert: Now, did you leave it there? Ok. Where is it right now?
Cassandra: I don't know.
Robert: What do you mean you don't know?
Cassandra: I had him with me that night I saw you at the comeback, but I haven't seen him since. I don't know where mr. Trunks is.
Robert: That's the wrong answer, Cassandra. You better give me what I want, or you're going to wind up missing a lot more than just a stuffed animal.

Robert: Cassandra. Now, when I snap my fingers, you're going to go into a deep sleep. All right? When you wake up, you're not going to remember any of this. But you're going to keep looking for that elephant until you find it. Now, do you understand? All right, good. Now, you ready for your nap? Three, two, one.

[Knock at door]

Stuart: Anybody home?
Robert: Damn.


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