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May 22 Episode

Jesse & Robert face off

Posted: May 23rd, 2008 @ 12:16am

Robert: Oh, thank god you found it. I just got a call from the bureau. See, they just fnd a thumb drive in one of Papel's safe deposit boxes with information about that diamond. That is what he was after all these years. And then it was hidden in the stuffed elephant by John Remington. And then when I remembered that your step-daughter was walking around with that stuffed elephant.

Jesse: Stop it. Stop it.

Robert: What are you talking about?

Jesse: Stop it! I know who you are. I know what you are. And now you are going to do exactly what I tell you to do. 

Jesse: Two fingers, very slowly, take out your gun, drop it, kick it over here.

Robert: I don't know what you're talking about.

Jesse: Now! You need to stop thinking I'm stupid. The gun.

[Kicks the gun]

Robert: You figured it out, huh? Well, where did I slip up, huh?

Jesse: You want a list? Why don't we start with this? A little bug I found in my loft. Not a common model, Robert. The FBI uses it. You really think I wasn't watching you? Huh? It was kind of obvious. A little naive on your part, wouldn't you say? Huh? Trying to buddy up to me and my family? I mean, you're Tad's uncle, and the man can't stand the sight of you. Inviting me to be your partner in the movies? Why, what? And then there's Cassandra, who thought somebody was going through her stuff, and felt a little odd that day when she was looking for something. She said she felt --

Cassandra: I'm just a little groggy, like my head's in a bubble.

Jesse: Very familiar feeling. I remember that feeling after every interrogation you put me through. What was the name of that drug, Robert?

Robert: It was the Russian stuff, sp-17.

Jesse: Only the best for Papel, huh? This was the killer right here, bam. Really stupid. I know this origami from that room you had me chained in. This was the clue that made me know that you were alive. Papel was alive and papel was you, you sick bastard.

Robert: Well, you always were a good cop, Jesse. Smart, clever. When I heard you were still alive, I knew I'd have to act fast. I guess I just wasn't fast enough, huh? So now what?

Jesse: Now it's payback time.
Jesse: Should I toy with you a while like you did with me? Sound like a plan?

Robert: How about you and I cut a deal? Hang on, hang on, no. Do you know how much that diamd is worth, Jesse? It is worth millions. Millions and millions, tens of millions of dollars. I know a guy who can cut it up into just the right number of stones and we'll split it, you and me. No one else will ever know.

Jesse: Money, money, money, money, money. It's always money with you, isn't it? Do you really think you can put a price on 20 years of my life? 20 years of my family's life? What about all those people you killed, Robert? You caused a lot of grief.

Robert: Well, what about me? Huh? You think you're the only one who's suffered? Do you think you're the only one whose life was made a living hell? When I stumbled on those stones, I knew that my ship had come in. It was my ticket to a good life and I deserved it. Then I got double-crossed by remington and by you. No, I know you didn't know all the details, but you had all the answers. That damned stuffed elephant. Your family had my diamond all those years. 20 years I thought about one thing, that diamond. And 20 years of looking for it cost me my family. My wife did not die. She left me. She went and married some rich pig in Europe, and do you know why? I s obsessed by that diamond. I had to have it. And I still have to have it. You got the rest of my days right there in your pocket, so you need to just give it me right now or go ahead and shoot me.


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