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Tuesday, May 5, 2009 Recap

Angie, Jesse and Randi receive news about Frankie and learns the true extent of his injuries.

Posted: May 5th, 2009 @ 4:45pm

Okay here we go...
At the Hubbard's abode, we see Randy sitting by the window, looking very concerned.  Natalia is behind her, hand on her shoulder.   In the background we can see Angie cracking some egss into a bowl -- making breakfast.  And as the camera pans across to the kitchen area, we see Taylor and Brot sitting on the couch in front of a laptop.  Taylor says all she can find on the iInternet is that Frankie is missing.  Angie breaks down, throws the pan into the sink and begins screaming and crying about hearing what has happened to Frankie.  Jesse tries to step in and tells her he'll finish breakfast and she snaps his head off telling him it's not about breakfast and goes off again about Frankie.  Just then the phone rings and Jesse answers it.  He hands the phone to Randy and says they want to talk to you.
Taylor: They say Frankie's missing. That's it. No further details at this time.
Angie: Then when? The ambush was yesterday. Don't they know that he has -- he has family? He has loved ones who are just worried sick about him. Or don't they even -- Jesse: Baby, baby. Here, here. Hey, I'll tell you what. Why don't I finish up breakfast.
Angie: I don't -- I don't want breakfast, jesse! I don't want breakfast! I want answers! Answers!
[Phone rings]
Jesse: Jesse Hubbard.
Jesse: They want to talk to you.

End Scene...


Randi's on the phone and we hear her say "okay, I understand".  She gets off the phone and tells them that Frankie's been wounded and they are flying him to Germany for treatment.  Angie presses her for more details -- she's barely holding it together -- clearly that's all Randi knows and you we see the the family  in deep despair.  Natalia asks why they would be flying him to Germany and Taylor tells her that is where he will receive the best treatment.  Randi  looks at Taylor and says "He's going to be alright, isn't he".  Taylor does not respond, but instead puts her arms around her.  We see Jesse, Angie and Natalia holding each other as the scene ends.


Randi: Ok. Yeah, I understand. Thank you. Frankie's been wounded.
Jesse: How bad is it?
Angie: Is -- is he stable?
Natalia: Where is he?
Randi: They're flying him to Germany for treatment. Brot: To Landstuhl.
Randi: Yeah.
Angie: Well, what did they say about his wounds? Is he conscious? Is it critical?
Randi: They just said he's wounded and that they'll call us when they know more.
Angie: Well, they knew enough to put him on a plane.
Jesse: Well, that's a start.
Natalia: Germany? Why would they fly him there? Why didn't they just treat him where he was?
Taylor: Because -- because landstuhl is where he'll receive the best care.
Randi: So he's going to be ok, right? He's going to be fine, Taylor, right?

End scene...



Angie steels herself and recaps what they know -- Frankie's wounded and is being airlifted to Germany.  She asks now what.  Brot tells her it depends on Frankie's injuries.  If they are expensive they need to stabilize him and bring Frankie back to the US. Natalia asks if that means Frankie is in worse condition.  Brot tells her that's where they just have to wait and see.  Jesse pulls Taylor aside and says "this is bad, isn't it?" Taylor tells him that they don't fly you out of Iraq unless it's serious, but whatever it is he'll get through it.  Jesse nods and says "Yeah, yeah." But you can tell he's very very worried.
Angie: So we know frankie's wounded, and he's being airlifted to germany. Now what?
Brot: Well, it depends on his injuries. If they're extensive, once he's stabilized, then they'll bring him back to the U.S.
Randi: So then he'll be closer.
Natalia: But in worse condition?
Brot: That's where we just have to wait and see.
Jesse: This is -- this is bad, isn't it?
Taylor: They don't fly you out of iraq unless it's serious. But, chief --
Jesse: Yeah, yeah.
Taylor: Whatever it is, you'll get through it.
Jesse: Yeah. Yeah.
End scene... 
Taylor and Brot have a talk about Frankie and Germany and what that means.  Brot apologizes to Taylor for everything he put her through - says he didn't understnad but now it makes complete sense.  He talks about the phone ringing, the worry, tears, all the questions people have but no answers.  Taylor says she didn't like it when they told her he was dead, but it was better than not having an answer.  She thinks that waiting and wondering is worse in some ways.  Brot says he's off to find out some answers.
End scene...
Taylor: Hey.
Brot: Hey.
Taylor: Germany?
Brot: Listen, I've got something to say. I'm sorry.
Taylor: For what?
Brot: For everything I put you through. You know, at first I didn't understand it, but now it makes complete sense. You know, when that phone rings -- the worry, the tears. All the questions and not having one answer. I'm sorry for what I put you through.
Taylor: You know what? When they told me that you were dead -- hell, I didn't like the answer, but at least I had one. But this -- this waiting and wondering about Frankie. I think this might be worse in some ways.
Brot: You know, they deserve better.
Taylor: Where are you going?
Brot: I'm going to get some answers.
Brot talks to an officer and asks him to please find out information about Frankie for his family.
Brot: Colonel nolan, I want to thank you for taking the time to see me.
Col. Nolan: I was going to call you. We've received dozens of e-mails from the men and women who attended the wounded-soldiers conference. You were a true inspiration.
Brot: Oh, thank you, sir, but i must confess that I was the one that was inspired that day.
Col. Nolan: Our soldiers in need could use more men like you.
Brot: Thank you, but right now there's only one soldier and one soldier only on my mind. That's Captain Franklin Hubbard. He's a medic over in Iraq, and we just received word that his convoy was ambushed. Now, he's been wounded, and he was airlifted out to Landstuhl, but the family doesn't have any updates on his condition. Sir, I'm asking you to please -- please make a phone call.
End scene...

Jesse tries to comfort Angie on the fire escape, but she's inconsolable - and asks what if he doesn't come back.
Inside, Randi and Taylor talk.  Taylor tells Randi that she thinks Frankie is hurt and he's going to come back different.  Randi says she's ready for anything - as long as her husband is home with her.
The officer just told Brot something about Frankie's condition, but we didn't get to hear it.  Brot asks if the officer is sure and he says yes.  Brot wonders aloud how he's going to tell Frankie's family about this. 
Jesse: How you doing?
Angie: Trying not to play worst-case scenarios in my head.
Jesse: Well, you know that frankie's being taken care of by the best doctors around, right? You know that.
Angie: I'm a good doctor, Jesse. I've lost patients.
Jesse: He's coming home. Baby, he's coming home.
Angie: What if he doesn't?
Randi: Frankie's going to be fine. I can feel it. Everything is going to be ok, and he's going to come back and we're going to go on our honeymoon just as we planned, and we'll get to go to hawaii or maybe even mexico. Right? What do you think?
Taylor: I think -- I think he's wounded. He's hurt, you know. And he's going to come back different. Physically, emotionally -- something. You know what I mean?
Randi: Because that's how brot came back. Well, whatever Frankie needs, I'm here, and I'm ready. As long as my husband is home with me, I am ready for anything.
Brot: Sir, are you sure?
Col. Nolan: I'm sorry.
Brot: How -- how am I supposed to tell Frankie's family?
End Episode.


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