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Wednesday, May 6, 2009 Recap

More news on Frankie....

Posted: May 6th, 2009 @ 5:09pm

Jesse is on the phone with the Army trying to find out the status of Frankie, but getting nowhere fast - he's on the way to the hospital in Germany.  Brot arrives and tells them that he has some info on Frankie.  He tells them he is not in critical condition and then tells Randi she needs to sit down to hear the rest.
Jesse: Ok, yeah, that's better. I can hear you now. Yes, sergeant, I understand that, but you need to understand that we need details. No. The last we heard, he was on his way to germany to a hospital. Yes, please, any news whatsoever, any at all. Yes, this is the right number to contact us with. All right, then. Thank you. Thank you, sergeant. Well, he's still on his way to Landstuhl, and the sergeant promised that the army would call us as soon as he's checked in and they have more information.
Angie: Oh, god, I'm going to go crazy!
Jesse: Angie, please, just hold on. He's still alive. All right, now, I'm going to need you to help me keep believing that he's ok.
[Knock on door]
Brot: Hey.
Taylor: Hey. Did you find out anything?
Brot: Well, I was able to find out that he's still alive and he's not in critical condition, which is good.
Taylor: Good. Thank god.
Jesse: Go on.
Brot: Well, I don't have too many details, but I went to the base and I was able to see the commander.
Randi: Yeah, so, what happened with Frankie?
Brot: I think you better sit back down for this.
End scene....

Brot tells Randi and family that Frankie's hands were crushed and they don't know the extent of the damages.  Angie is devestated and says that a doctor's hands are everything...but he's alive and that's the most important thing!
Brot: Well, his unit came under attack, and somehow his hands got trapped in some kind of heavy machinery or something.
Angie: His -- his hands?
Brot: They were crushed.
Randi: And did he lose them? Amputation? What?
Brot: I don't know, and I'm sorry, but that's all I can find out for now.
Angie: A doctor's hands are everything, but -- but he's alive.
Brot: That's right.
Angie: He's -- he's alive.
Brot: That's right.
End scene....
All gathered in the living room area now - talking about Frankie.
Brot continues to tell them that the reason that Frankie was sent to Germany is because of his hands.  There are no other injuries that they know of at this time.  Jesse is very optimistic about Frankie being able to come back from but says it's unthinkable what happened to his hands.  He tells them they must focus on the positive.  Brot chimes in and says that this is definitely going to change Frankie's life, but he is not going to lose his life and he was assured of that by the army.  Angie wants to fly out now to Germany to be with him and heads off to pack.  Jesse goes after her and tells her that she needs to stay here and she says that he needs his mother.  Randi then stands up and says he needs his wife and that she's going to Germany.
Jesse: So, other than his hands, did you hear of any other injuries?
Brot: Not that the commander could tell me at the time, but I do know that the damage to his hands is the reason he was sent to Landstuhl, Germany.
Jesse: So, then, things could really be ok? I mean, he's still alive, no head or chest injuries. And it might be unthinkable, what could have happened to his hands, but he's still alive, and this is what need to focus on.
Brot: You're absolutely right. Whatever happened to Frankie, it's going to change his life. But at least we know he's not going to lose his life, and they assured me of that. And he has all of us to help him when he gets home, and that's the important thing.
Angie: I'm not waiting for that. I have to see my baby. I'm going to pack.
Jesse: Look, baby, no. We need to wait here until we hear more from the army.
Angie: No, he has to have someone with him there now. He needs me.
Randi: He needs his wife. He needs me. I'm going to go to Germany.
End scene....
Jesse tries to calm the women down - and tells them they need to wait and stay put.  Angie and Randi start to state their cases when Brot jumps in and says that the truth is - Frankie may want to be alone for awhile.  He goes on to tell them that everything they are all thinking right now - fear, the unknown, the pity...is the last thing Frankie wants around him right now.  Angie and Jesse look at each other as the scene fades out.
Jesse: All right, listen to me. We all need to take a breath and just thank God that Frankie is still is alive. We need to wait for the army to call and let us know what comes next.
Angie: He needs his mother.
Randi: He needs his wife.
Jesse: Randi --
Brot: You know, I'm sorry, Jesse, but I don't mean to interrupt, but the truth is Frankie might want to be alone for a while. And everything we're feeling from the anger, the tears, the pity, the unknown, -- trust me, that's the last thing Frankie wants surrounding him right now.
End scene....

Randi is intent on not just sitting there while her husband is halfway around the world in pain.  Jesse tries to say something and Taylor interjects that it's best if they wait until they hear from the Army after they have evaluated Frankie's condition.  She says after they have that information she'll help her make the travel arrangements and brought agrees.  He also offers to go with her as he knows how the military works and Frankie might want somebody who's been down that road before with him.  Randy agrees and says that they both would like that a lot.  Jesse and Angie nod in agreement - you can see how hard it is for them to let Frankie go but they know he's married now and Randi should be the one to go.
Randi: What if I just can't wait? What if I just can't sit here while my husband's going through hell halfway across the world?
Jesse: Randi, listen --
Taylor: Randi, they will call us. As soon as he lands in Germany and he does the preliminary, the doctor will call us, ok? Just wait for that call, and then we can make your travel arrangements. I promise, right?
Brot: Yes, yes, of course. And if you'd like, I can go with you, because I know how the military works. And Frankie may want someone there who has, you know, been down that road before.
Randi: Ok. We'd like that. That would mean a lot to us.
Brot: Great.
Randi: Both of us.
NOTE:  This is the last scene for today's episode.  I will finish up with acutal dialogue shortly.
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