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Monday, May 11, 2009

Scenes with Angie at hospital and Jesse at PV Hotel.

Posted: May 11th, 2009 @ 5:36pm

At Pine Valley Hospital, we see Angie with Ryan...

Angie: Oh, hi, Ryan.
Ryan: Hey, hey.
Angie: How are you?
Ryan: Pretty good, pretty much just here to check in on Ian and Kendall.
Angie: Well, from what I hear, they're doing pretty good. You know that Ian, he's a little miracle.
Ryan: Yeah, you look like you could use one of those right around now. Hey, you were there for me not so long ago. Let me return the favor.
Angie: It's, uh -- Frankie. He was injured in Iraq.
Ryan: Oh, my god. But -- but he's ok.
Angie: He -- he's alive. They've flown him to a hospital in Germany, but nobody will tell us much.
Ryan: Well, will they tell you where he's hurt?
Angie: His hands. They were caught under some kind of machinery. His hands, Ryan.
Ryan: Oh, my god. I am -- I'm so sorry. Is he -- is he going to be coming home soon?
Angie: I would think yes, but i don't know when or who he'll be when he comes back.
Ryan: And to have to be here and be dealing with everybody else's problems when you have so much going on yourself.
Angie: Well, that's my job, right?
Ryan: And for the record? You are very good at it.
[Pager beeps]
Angie: And my job beckons. Thank you.
Ryan: Ok, you take care, ok?
Angie: Yeah.
Ryan: Ok. 
End scene. (All My Children - Hubbard Recap)
Chief Jesse Hubbard at the Pine Valley Hotel
Scott found Dr. Chappell hanging from the ceiling in his hotel room and called JR told him to get his butt over to the hotel.  Police were notified and the scene goes as follows...
Jesse: So what brought the two of you to Chappell's room?
Scott: My family's company bought the rights to the doctor's heart valve --
J.R.: I can answer any questions regarding chandler enterprises.
Jesse: Be my guest.
J.R.: Well, when Dr. Chappell sold us his heart valve, I guess he didn't think it was going to be as successful as it was.
Jesse: Wouldn't success be a good thing?
J.R.: If he received a cut of the profits, but he signed away his rights.
Jesse: So this guy lost out on a huge windfall.
J.R.: I knew he was making a mistake, just didn't think he would kill himself.
Jesse: Anything to add to that?
Scott: No. No, that's pretty much it.
Jesse: Hmm, I'll go to the station, file a report.
J.R.: Jesse, if there is any way that you could keep this out of the press --
Jesse: My job is to protect that man's privacy, J.R., Not your company.
End scene...
Jesse arrives, finding Adam, JR, Scott together and begins to question them.  Adam doesn't know about Chappell yet and is surprised to learn of his suicide.  Zach watches and enters the room as David tells him that there was something wrong with the heart valve.  Zach demands to know what and David tells him to ask Adam. 
J.R.: Is it the valve?
Adam: We're still waiting for word.
Jesse: I need to ask you a few questions.
Adam: Jesse, can't you see we're in the middle of something here?
Jesse: What a coincidence. I'm in the middle of little something, too, a pesky little thing called a suicide investigation.
Adam: What the devil are you talking about?
Jesse: You didn't tell him? I just had your friend Dr. Chappell delivered to the morgue.
Adam: He killed himself?
David: You were right. Something's wrong.
Zach: What? The valve?
David: Yes.
Zach: What's wrong with it?
David: Ask him.
End scene and episode.
I will post vidcap of this and whatever else comes up for live chat members after today's episode concludes.


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