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Wednesday, May 13, 2009 Recap

Angie & Jesse at PVH

Posted: May 13th, 2009 @ 5:14pm

At Pine Valley Hospital
We seeing Angie and Jesse talking. Angie tells him no matter where she goes in the hospital, she keeps thinking about how excited Frankie was about surgery program.  She breaks down, thinking of his hands now and wants to be there with him now.  Jesse calms her down and he's knows how rough it is, and he wants to be there too, but it's Randi's job to be wtih him and having Brot is a good thing as well.  Kendall arrives and Angie asks her if everything is okay and she says the machine seems to be working fine.  Jesse asks where Zach is and Kendall tells him she doesn't know - she's scared as to where he may be.
Angie: You know, every -- everywhere that I go in this hospital, I just find myself thinking about how excited Frankie was about the surgical program, and now his hands -- Jesse, I can't -- I can't stand it. I have to go to him.
Jesse: No, no, baby. Not yet. I know this is rough. You want to be with him. I do too, but come on, Randi's his wife now, and Brot is a friend that's been through even worse than what he's going through. I totally believe that these are the two right people to be with the man now.
Angie: Hey. Kendall: Hey. Angie: Is everything all right? Kendall: Yeah. Yeah, the machine seems to be working just fine.
Jesse: Where's zach? He's still here, isn't he?
Kendall: I don't know. I have no idea. I came in there, and the nurse said that he suddenly just left. I'm scared.
End scene. (All My Children - Hubbard Recap)
Back at PVH Angie tells Kendall she's sorry that the valve didn't work.  Kendall tells the that Zach is furious about the situation.  Jesse is on the phone trying to get info on Zach's location.  He verified that Zach left the hospital and given the situation, he knows Zach is headed to see Adam.
Kendall: I know that look in Zach's eyes, and it scares the hell out of me.
Angie: I'm so sorry the valve didn't work.
Kendall: Well, Zach is furious that Ian isn't strong enough -- that he has to be on the machine until he can have another surgery.
Jesse: Are you absolutely sure?
Kendall: I honestly -- I think the waiting was driving him crazy.
Jesse: Can you double check? All right, well, he's nowhere in the hospital. Security checked the cafeteria. They checked the grounds, checked the surrounding area. Are you sure you called every number he has?
Kendall: Yeah. Yeah, I called home. I called the casino. I called his cell. He's not answering me on purpose. He would want to know any news about Ian.
Jesse: Well, there's no question where he went, is there?
End Scene.
Back at PVH, Angie is on the phone talking to Randi.  The connection is really bad, but Angie keeps on trying to tell Randi that she needs to get a message to Frankie and is sure he would want to talk to her. They get disconnected.  Krystal arrives and Angie's concern immediately shifts to her.
Angie: Randi? Randi, are you still there? Hello? Yes, listen. I was just saying that if you can try and just get a phone to Frankie, let me talk to him, i know he would -- hello? Randi?
Krystal: Angie.
Angie: You look terrible. What happened?
Krystal: I was just sitting in my car, and I felt like I was having a heart attack, so i just drove straight over here.
Angie: It's David again, isn't it?
Krystal: No. No, this time it's all my doing.
At Chandler Mansion, Kendall, Jesse and a cop arrive.  They enter and hear Zach yelling at Adam in the foyer, Erica is also present.  Kendall tries the door and it's locked. Inside we see Zach with a red marker and he's got Adam's face in one hand and marks a red X on his forhead.  Zach tells him that's he's going to shoot him right there if anything else happens with Ian.  Jesse and the rest break into the room as the scene ends, you hear Jesse yelling to Zach to drop it.
Zach: Your whole miserable life, you've been getting away with it! Your whole life! It ends now.
Erica: No, Zach. What are you doing, Zach?
Zach: That's where I'm going to shoot you if anything else happens to my son.
Erica: Zach --
Jesse: Zach -- Zach, drop it!
End scene. (All My Children - Hubbard Recap)
Back at Chandler Mansion, Jesse gets Zach to drop the pen (LOL) and hustles him out of the room as Adam yells for his arrest. Jesse tells him he's not arresting Zach, and that Adam owes him.  Adam calls Jesse pathetic and threatens his badge.  Jesse tells him to back off and that he'll do his best to keep Zach away from him, JR and Scott, but he kinda knows what Zach is feeling right now and he's not pressing charges and neither is Erica (LOL).  He releases Zach and makes him promise he won't do any more damage.  Zach tells him if his son dies, it will destroy his life as he storms out of the mansion.  Jesse has a pained look on his face from Zach's remark and you know he's thinking abou Frankie.
Jesse: Drop it now, Zach!
Zach: You mean this?
Jesse: Are you out of your mind?
Adam: All right, lock the bastard up. Assault and battery -- right here. Erica saw it -- she saw it all. She heard the threat, that he was going to put a bullet right here in the middle of my forehead. Tell him!
[Laughs]All right, Lavery back here, he was a witness to some of Zach's earlier threats.
Jesse: Take him out to the -- to the foyer.
Adam: Lock him up.
Jesse: I don't think so.
Adam: You don't think so? That man broke into my house and threatened my life, and you're going to do nothing about it? I'll have your badge, Jesse.
Jesse: You're not going to have anything, Adam Chandler. You know, I put my butt on the line for you when you kidnapped your grandson. Then I helped you get him back. You owe me. Adam: You helped me get off the hook when I kidnapped my own grandson. That's -- listen to yourself. That's pathetic.
Jesse: That man out there, he's got a little boy who needs him right now, because somebody was very careless about what went into his little chest. Now, I will keep Zach away from you, your son, and your nephew. But I got to tell you, I kind of know what he's feeling right now, so you're not going to press any charges. Isn't that right, Erica Kane?
Erica: That is absolutely right. I'm going to make sure he doesn't.
Adam: That is not satisfactory.
Erica: Oh, shut up, Adam.
Zach: Go back to the hospital. I'll arrange for bail. If anything happens with Ian, you just let me know, all right? If anything happens to that boy.
Jesse: You'll be there to hear it for yourself. Uncuff him. You've got to promise me, no more breaking and entering. No more assault -- what's that? Come on. Are you trying to destroy your family?
Zach: If my son dies, it's going to destroy my life.
Back at PVH, Krystal tells Angie about Marissa being Babe's twin and the mess she's made of her life.  Angie tells her to get hersefl together and go back and get her daughter before it's too late.
Krystal: I would've kept that secret for the rest of my life, but Adam -- anyway, I never planned on Marissa finding out. Then her parents died, and I had to do what I could to help her. I had to try to give her the life that she deserved, just like I tried to give Babe.
Angie: Then why did you walk out on her just now? I mean, leaving her with david when you knew that she was leaving town?
Krystal: She hates me. She practically told me so, and I don't blame her.
Angie: Krystal, first reactions are always harsh. No matter how she feels about you now, that can change, but only if you both work at it. Keep the honesty going. You know what? I know this is an entirely different situation, but i always tried to remain honest with cass. I didn't want it to be no relationship at all, which is what you have resigned yourself to.
Krystal: It's too late. I mean, she's gone.
Angie: It is never too late. Now, all you have to do is just find a way to reach out to her, and then get to know each other. No strings, no pressure. It might help you more than you think, because your heart palpitations are coming from what you're keeping inside, not what you're letting out. And you let this girl get away once. You cannot let it happen a second time
At PVH Kendall tells Zach that if anything happens to Ian, she will kill Adam, he won't have to worry about it.  Ryan comes in and tells them that Angie would like to speak with them in the hallway.
End Episode


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