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Monday, May 18, 2009

OMG Jesse shot...

Posted: May 18th, 2009 @ 1:21pm

Greetings AnJ Nation!
My internet is intermittent at best so am going to post just the dialogue for now...it's an OMG day!
Jesse and a couple cops enter Chandler mansion....
Jesse: It's clear. I want you to cover this floor first, be careful.
Jesse: I've got a body in the living room, shot in the back.
Jesse: Looks like the shot came from the terrace. Police! Don't move! Officer: He's got a gun
[Gunshots] fired by Jesse
[Breaking glass] onto the terrace
Jesse: Go, go, go. (directs officers to go back inside)
Opal: Don't shoot.
Krystal: Is -- is he --
Officer: The chief told you two to wait in the car.
Scott: I just heard shots. Is everybody -- officer: Don't move!
Scott: I don't have a gun. Let me -- let me help my uncle.
Officer: You can't help him.
Jesse's voice: Where's that damn ambulance? Man's bleeding to death out here!
Krystal: Someone else got shot? Officer: Suspect trying to -- lady, wait! You guys -- you can't -- wait! This is a crime scene.
Krystal and Opal run out to the terrace and see Tad lying there bleeding with Jesse hovering over him.
Jesse: You shouldn't be out here. Officer: I tried to stop them, sir.
Krystal: Who did this? You?
Opal: Tad, no, no, no, no.
Jesse: The ambulance is going to be here any second, all right? Get out there. You meet them, and you send them right back here. Secure the crime scene.
Opal: How could you do this to my son, to your best friend, how?
Jesse: Opal, opal, it was dark. I thought he was the shooter.
Opal: Well, you thought wrong. Tad did not come here to put a bullet in adam. He came here to stop J.R. from doing it.
Opal: I knew this was coming. I saw it, clear as day, Tad's head all covered with blood.
Krystal: Opal -- opal, sit down. Sit down.
Opal: But in my vision, he was alive. Now I see him slipping away.
Krystal: No, no, Tad is not going anywhere. He has two little girls, and they need him.
Opal: This is all my fault, Krystal. I never should have let him get anywhere near this house of horrors.
Krystal: You are not the reason why he's here. If -- if it's anybody's fault --
Opal: Who's that?
[Running footsteps]
Jesse: Could have been Adam's killer. Krystal, keep pressure on his wounds until the paramedics -- Krystal!
Opal: I've got it, I've got it.
Jesse: Krystal!
Opal: Don't worry, shh. Just be careful.
Krystal: It's ok, it's ok. He's going to be all right.
Jesse: Another suspect just took off across the back lawn. He's headed west. I need you to get out there and call for back up. I want this guy locked up.
Officer: You got it, Chief.
J.R.: The guy that you're looking for is Aidan. He's working with Annie. She's the one that -- shot my dad.
Jesse: Annie is halfway across the globe, J.R. Interpol is watching her.
J.R.: Really, I just saw her in my house with a gun!
Jesse: You been drinking?
J.R.: God! Emma is missing from the nursery! I went up there to check on my son, and Aidan was interrogating him. When I told him I was going to get the cops, he jumped out the window. Jesse: I need you to put an A.P.B. Out on Annie Lavery, and issue an amber alert for her daughter, Emma. Where does that tunnel go?
Scott: That could lead to a couple of places on the property.
J.R.: No, it only goes to one place. That's the garden. Some of it got caved in during the tornado. If you come with me I'll show you.
Jesse's voice: All officers, suspect is headed for the garden. I repeat, suspect is headed for the garden.
Officer: Chief, this is Bailey. I'm in the garden. I got two sets of footprints, one male, one female, over.
SCENE:  The amublance arrives and get Tad on a guerny and head out through the mansion.
J.R.: My god, what the hell happened?
Opal: You happened, that's what. Tad got shot trying to keep you out of trouble.
Krystal: Oh, my god.
Jesse: Whoa, whoa, whoa, I need to ask the two of you a few questions.
J.R.: I already told you, annie killed my father. What else do you want to know?
Officer: Chief --
Jesse: Um -- what was Tad doing with this? (Jesse holds up a gun).
In the garden...
Officer's voice: Hold it, hold it right there!
Officer's voice: Come out where I can see you.
Jesse: Come in. Any available officer, come in now.
Officer's voice: Chief, this is Bailey.
Jesse: Bailey, I heard a gunshot. It sounded like it came from the front gate. I can't get any response. Bailey's voice: On my way.
[Radio static]
Jesse: Come in. Come in, officers at the front gate, come in, damn it.
Zach: Coming out.
Officer's voice: Toss the gun, and come out slowly. Turn around, hands behind your head.
[Gun hitting the ground]
Officer: On the ground, on the ground.
Officer: Chief, at the gate, suspect in custody.
Jesse: What about the girl? Any sign of Emma Lavery?
[Everyone speaking at once]
Angie: Page Dr. Steele in neuro right away.
Opal: Please --
Jake: Tad. Who shot my brother?
Opal: Jesse.
Angie: What?
Opal: Thought he saw a shadow on the Chandler terrace, assumed it was adam's killer, fired away.
Jake: Tad? Can you hear me?
Officer: I'm going to need the bullet you pulled out of chandler's back. We need to see if it matches the weapon found on the scene.
Jesse's voice: Dispatch additional units to the Chandler mansion. I need all officers on the lookout for the missing child.
Ryan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, a child is missing from Chandler's?
Officer: A little girl, taken by her own mother.
Officer: Chief, where do you want this guy?
Jesse: Slater, where's Annie? Where's -- where's Devane?
Officer: I haven't seen him. This guy who shot at me by the gate.
Jesse: Who else is here in the house?
J.R.: Colby's with little Adam, that's it.
Jesse: I want you to take these three to the library, hold them there for questioning.
J.R.: Chief, I want to go to the hospital.
Jesse: Yeah, so do I, but I got work to do. Listen, I'm going to need your cooperation so this investigation, unlike some others, gets done right. Jesse: Get colby to come downstairs, you stay with the little boy.



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