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Friday, June 5, 2009

Hubbard Content Today

Posted: June 5th, 2009 @ 5:05pm

Greetings Nation!
There is a bit of Hubbard content today, Frankie related so far.  I will be posting a vidcap today for all members so be sure to watch for it after the episode is over. 
Angie and Jesse get connected with Frankie via Brot.  We see Randi wanting to kiss Frankie, but he rejects her.  Angie and Jesse can hear him screaming at Randi and the scene ends!
Next Hubbard Scene
Frankie and Randi at the hospital. Frankie tells Randi that he is not same man married and Randi says "really? who are you?" Frankie says his life is over.  Randi tries to calm him and tells him that things didn't turn out the way he planned but he'll improvise.  He snaps back "I told you, I don't have a life!"
Back at Hubbard's Angie & Jesse continue to chat with Brot online.  Angie asks Brot to have Randi call her when she's free. She is visibly concerned about Frankie's state of mind.  Jesse thanks Brot for being there and Brot tells him Frankie's his best friend, where else would he be.    After they get offline, Angie tells Jesse she must go be with Frankie - she is the only one who can get him out of this bottomless hole.
End scene.
Back at the hospital, Randi tries to get through to Frankie to no avail.  He's shutdown and she's getting nowhere fast. 
Back at the Hubbards abode - Angie is already making flight plans, etc. She is ready to leave and get to her son now.  Jesse tells her that he thinks that she should stay here in PV and that Randi and Frankie really need to work this out.  She objects but Jesse makes the point that they had to learn and grow when they were young in their relationship and it's best to let Randi and Frankie work this out without them stepping in. 
After Frankie tells Randi to leave, she connects with Angie & Jesse and tells them that Frankie is shutdown and she really needs them to come help.  Angie tells her that she was coming, but she thinks it's best if she stays in PV.
End Scene.
Back at the Hubbard's abode Angie encourages Randi to get through to Frankie and tells her she can do it.  Randi really wants Angie & Jesse to come there because she's never seen Frankie this way and he doesn't want her there - she feels invisible.  Angie really wants to go - but she stays on tact and encourages Randi to press on - and know Angie has her back.
Back at the hospital Brot tries to reach Frankie but he's all absorbed in self-pity and snaps on Brot as well.  Brot persists but Frankie will have none of it and tells Brot he wants to go to sleep. 
End Scene.
Final Scenes Today:
Angie and Jesse worry but keep the faith about Frankie and Randi making it through this one.  Angie breaks down remembering Frankie's hands before the accident and grieves for her baby.
At the hospital - Randi breaks down as she shares her own concerns/worries and frustration over Frankie.  Brot calms her down as best he can and gives her a hug.  We see Frankie looking out from his bed seeing Brot hug Frankie and you know he's thinking something more is going on now...
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