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Jesse Hubbard


Posted: April 19th, 2008 @ 6:27am

Jesse and Angie's Introduction

Jesse and Angie's Introduction
On January 3, 1981, PV got a new arrival. He was 16 years old and had come from Chicago to live with his Uncle, Dr. Frank Grant. His beloved mother, Frank’s sister Ellie had just passed away. His name was Jesse Hubbard. Tall and lanky with the most amazing dark eyes and full heart shaped lips, Jesse was full of confusion and frustration. He found PV stifling and acted out. The Grant family included Frank, his wife Nancy and her son Carl. The conventional family unit proved a difficult adjustment for him. J spent his first year in PV trying to get his footing. Emotionally, he was a wreck. Jesse didn’t feel as if he belonged. Jesse had been raised by his mother after his father's departure when he was a small child. Soon after his arrival in PV, Jesse was befriended by Jenny Gardner. She saw through Jesse's tough guy act and became Jesse’s dearest friend in the world. The two were inseparable. This proved a blessing for Jesse. If there was one person in PV who could get through to Jesse, it was Jenny. That was until he met Angie.

Frank introduced Angela Baxter to Jesse in 1982. She was a perky HS senior new to PV. She lived next door to the Martins and was friends with Jenny. Jesse was failing in school and in danger of not graduating on time. Frank asked Angie to be Jesse's tutor. It was anything but love at first sight. Angela was proper and reserved and Jesse was all swagger and bravado. At first Angela couldn't stand being around Jesse. Angie couldn't figure out how Jenny could be so fond of him. Jenny explained Jesse to Angie. She told her about how good his heart was. Jenny told Angie that Jesse just needed somebody to understand him. Angie finally started to see through his armor. His interactions with his little cousin let her know that there was another side to the hot headed young man. Soon Jesse softened toward Angie as well. The two drew closer quickly. This was not acceptable to Angie's father, Les. He felt that Jesse was in no way suitable for his daughter. This became a source of frustration for the young couple. Les Baxter made things as difficult as possible for Jesse to see Angie. Nothing he did was able to dim the fire growing between the two. They were hooked and nothing was going to change that. Jesse told Angie time and time again that she was stuck with him. Angie, Jesse, Jenny and her boyfriend Greg Nelson were always together. Life was good for the teens.

Like all teenage boys, Jesse was eager to make love to Angie. He sincerely loved her and didn't see why they shouldn't take the next step. He arranged to get a motel room for them to finally be alone on Valentine's Day 82. The night proved to be more eventful than either of them had anticipated.

Angie was the original "good girl". She wanted to be with Jesse, but she couldn't get past the premarital thing. She believed she should be married before she had sex. She arrived at the motel scared to say no and afraid Jesse would leave her if she did. Jesse was all ready to go. His excitement was palpable. He was certain about what he wanted. And Angie was all he could think of. Angie made a valiant effort and tried to go through with it, but she just couldn't. Through her tears, she explained to Jesse that she loved him but she couldn't bring herself to have sex before marriage. Jesse was so sweet. He reassured her that it was ok that she felt that way. He told her how much he loved her. Then he proposed. Jesse Hubbard, all of 17 asked Angela Baxter 17 as well, to be his wife! And she accepted.

The two crossed state lines and were married by a justice of the peace. They returned to the motel and spent their first night as husband and wife together. Angie overcame her fear and Jesse contained his youthful impatience. They had a good start but that would change quickly.

About a month after they married, Angie discovered she was pregnant. This was not good news. Angie and Jesse had told no one but Jenny and her Greg about their marriage. There was no way this was going over well at home. Distraught, Angie finally confided in her mother. Her mother decided to help her daughter instead of berating her. Pat, Angie's mother, went to talk to Jesse to feel him out about his thoughts on having kids. Jesse said he couldn't see it for at least a couple of years. Neither Pat nor Angie told Jesse about the baby. Angie told Jesse their marriage was a mistake and that she had decided to get a divorce. Angie went to Haiti and had the marriage dissolved. Poor Jesse was crestfallen. He couldn't understand what went wrong. He had never loved anyone else and now his precious Angie was gone.

Her father convinced her that the only solution was to give the baby up for adoption. Angie was sent to NY to live with an aunt until she was due to give birth. She delivered a healthy baby boy in a NY hospital. Jesse found out from Jenny that Angie was pregnant. Greg drove Jesse to NY and showed up at the hospital just after the birth. From the time he laid eyes on his son, Jesse was sure he wanted the boy. And he still loved Angie. Angie was not so easy to convince. Jesse told her that she had no right giving the child up without consulting him. He was deeply hurt that Angie never even told him about the baby before the divorce.

Stubborn as ever, Jesse refused to believe his son was gone. He set out to find his boy and get him back. He told Greg he would raise him by himself if he had to. In the process he convinced Angie that they belonged together and that he needed her. The pair eventually found their son. They kidnapped the baby from the adoptive parents. Of course this was a bit of a mess, legally. The judge dropped the charges and returned custody of the boy back to Jesse and Angie. They were remarried and were over the moon about their new life together with young Franklin Quentin Hubbard.

Things took a turn for the worse. Jesse and Angie’s best friend Jenny had jilted a fellow named Tony Barclay and run off with Greg. Jenny and Greg were married. Barclay was none too happy about this and decided to kill Greg so Jenny would come back to him. Barclay Greg’s water skis with explosives. Unfortunately, Jenny decided at the last minute to take the first ride. Jenny was fatally wounded in the explosion. Everyone in PV was in shock. Jesse was completely devastated. His speech at Jenny’s funeral was one of AMC’s finest moments.

Things got better briefly for the couple. Jesse bought a club called the The Steam Pit and began singing at the club. Unable to pay the loan shark he borrowed the money to purchase the club; he lost control of the venue but continued to perform there. He began singing with a partner, Yvonne Caldwell. She had eyes for Jesse. During this same time, Jesse’s half brother Eugene arrived in PV. Eugene decided he was going to have Angie. Yvonne and Eugene began plotting how to separate the two. Yvonne managed to seduce Jesse and Eugene conveniently sent Angie to catch them in the act. Angie was crushed. Meanwhile, Eugene framed Jesse for burglary. Eugene attempted to console Angie and when Angie was having none of it, Eugene tried to rape her. Jesse foiled Eugene’s plan to assault Angie. Jesse eventually cleared his name of the burglary charge and the Hubbards reconciled.

Jesse was offered a spot on the PV police force due to his excellent work in clearing his name. Jesse’s first big case was a black market baby ring. Yvonne returned to PV very pregnant. At first claiming Jesse was the father, she later recanted. Yvonne planned to sell the baby to the black market ring. During his investigation, Jesse found out the ringleader, “Mr. Big” was his father-in-law Les Baxter. Jesse didn’t tell Angie about her father’s illegal activities. A sting operation was set up to capture Baxter. In the midst of a scuffle, Baxter fell to his death. Angie was on the scene having followed Jesse to the warehouse where the sting was to take place. She was beside herself. Her husband was responsible for her father’s death. Jesse pleaded with her to forgive him, but she wouldn’t hear him. She left Jesse and moved in with her mother taking Frankie with her. Once again poor Jesse was devastated.

Months passed and Angie still refused to take Jesse back. Angie even began seeing Jeff Martin. Jesse lived for his job. A mix up led Angie to believe Jesse had been shot. She finally admitted she was still in love with him. Jesse helped her prove Dr. Voight, her resident at PVH, was sexually harassing her. He also consoled her as she lost an AIDS patient she had grown very close to. The Hubbards reconciled once again.

Unfortunately, their happiness was short lived. Jesse was shot and “killed” in the line of duty.

But things aren’t always as they seem in soap land….


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