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Franklin Quentin Hubbard


Posted: April 19th, 2008 @ 10:37pm

Franklin Quentin Hubbard was born in December 1983. His parents Angela Baxter Hubbard and Jesse Hubbard were divorced at the time. Angie hadn’t told Jesse she was pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption. Jesse found out and quickly began searching for his son. Angie and Jesse reconciled and eventually found their baby. They kidnapped little Frankie, named after Jesse’s beloved Uncle Frank, and went on the run. They did remarry. Wanted by the FBI for kidnapping, they were eventually caught. Jesse was charged but the judge dropped the charges and restored custody of Frankie to his parents.
Angie was a doctor and Jesse was a police officer. Frankie was just 5 years old when his father was “killed” in the line of duty.
As a teen Frankie lived in California with his mother until she moved them back East to Corinth PA. There Frankie fell hard for Briana Hawkins. The two were very much in love. Fate would not let it be that simple. Angie married Charles Harrison. It was soon found out that Charles was Bree’s father. Bree couldn’t handle the awkwardness of being in love with her stepbrother. She broke off the relationship and broke Frankie’s heart. Bree and Frankie got back together, but it was short lived. Angie divorced Charles because she had fallen in love with Jacob Foster. Angie, Jacob and Frankie moved to NYC where Angie opened a free clinic. Frankie attended film school.

Angie and Jacob became foster parents to a white baby named Kayla. Racially charged epithets and threats flew from local residents. One such person set a bomb off at the clinic. It almost killed Frankie. He decided to leave NYC after his recovery and moved to California to be with Bree.

In 2002 Frank returned to PV. He had graduated med school and was part of the intern program at PVH. Frankie had previously had a fling with Mia Saunders, Liza Colby’s half sister. Mia and Frankie had a son William who was given up for adoption. Upon his return to PV, Frank decided to try and find his son. His attending physician, Jake Martin, convinced him this was not in William’s best interest. Jake was also coincidentally Mia’s fiancé. Frank gave up his search for his son.

Frank began a relationship with Simone Torres. Her father was the head psychiatrist at the hospital. He despised the relationship between his daughter and Frank. Simone found out that while in California, Frank was filming a documentary in which a homeless person was overdosing. The person turned out to be Simone’s brother. He had been in a coma ever since. Simone held Frank responsible for not doing more to help her brother in his time of crisis. Frank tried to explain that he did not have medical training at that time and that the paramedics were called. Simone was not hearing that. She broke off the relationship. Frank left town.
Several years later, Frankie enlisted in the US Army. He served a tour of duty in Iraq.

He returned to PV in December 07.


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