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Myrtle Fargate


Posted: April 20th, 2008 @ 2:04am

Myrtle Fargate arrived in PV in 1976. She was a former carnival performer who had been hired by Phoebe Tyler to prevent Phoebe’s son Lincoln from marrying Kitty Shea. Phoebe paid Myrtle to pose as Kitty’s long lost mother, Lucy Carpenter. Myrtle was supposed to convince Kitty to move away with her and thus break up Linc and Kitty for good. Myrtle grew to be very fond of Kitty. Mona Kane knew the real Lucy Carpenter. She met Myrtle posing as Lucy and threatened to expose the whole farce if they didn’t come clean. Myrtle had her friend Nigel Fargate tell Kitty that “Lucy” had died suddenly of a heart attack. Kitty was distraught.

Kitty eventually found out the truth. She confronted Myrtle. Myrtle told Kitty the truth but also told her that she had come to love her as a daughter. Kitty was upset for a while but eventually forgave Myrtle. Myrtle was with Kitty when she died.

Nigel proposed to Myrtle and she accepted. After Nigel passed away, Myrtle returned to PV. She opened a boarding house that served as refuge for many PV residents during trying times. Upon her return, Myrtle brought back Kitty’s twin sister Kelly whom she had located while away from PV. Kelly like Kitty was like a daughter to Myrtle. Myrtle and Mona Kane became great friends. When Mona died in 1994, Myrtle stepped in as a mother figure for Erica and a grandmother for Bianca.

In 1979, Myrtle again crossed paths with Phoebe Tyler. She recognized Phoebe’s suitor Langley Wallingford as former carnie performer Lenny Wlasuk. Myrtle was going to tell Phoebe until Langley convinced her that he really did care for Phoebe.

In 1999 Rae Cummings began looking for her biological mother. Myrtle had given up a child for adoption who would have been about the same age as Rae. Myrtle was found to be Rae’s mother. At first there was a lot of anger and resentment. However, the two managed to embark on a loving mother-daughter relationship.


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