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Robert Gardner et. al


Posted: April 21st, 2008 @ 3:34am

Satan..uhh..Robert Gardner

Satan..uhh..Robert Gardner
So, is it just me or is anyone else thinking this Robert Gardner might be related to Jenny? Clearly it’s not her father since we know that was Ray Gardner, but it would make sense that he would be related. We know by his scenes so far that he has money and is definitely connected to Jesse’s disappearance. But who is he really?

RAY GARDNER…Here’s what I recall about Ray Gardner. When Tad was 10 years old, Ray Gardner (his uber evil father), pushed him out of the car and abandoned him in a park near Pine Valley. A couple years later, Joe & Ruth Martin decided to become Tad’s legal guardians while they searched for his natural parents (Ray & Opal Gardner). Always looking to make a buck at anyone’s expense, Ray slithered back to PV and tried to sell Tad to the Martins for $15,000. Of course the Martins refused this absurd offer and Ray being the gentleman he is, raped Ruth. She in turn pressed charges and he was sent to jail. When Tad was 15, he officially became a Martin.

I’m thinking Ray came back sometime later, but I dont’ recall…if you know, please comment and help us flesh out his storyline. I know he died…not that it matters in soap land, LOL…but the last I knew he was off the canvas permanently.

So, having said all that…am I alone in thinking Robert is related to Ray ergo related to Tad? And if so, what is the connection to Jesse or Angie? And why would he take all the security video for Frankie’s hospital stay too?

Things that make you go hmmmmmm….


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