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Monday, April 28, 2008

Cassandra Comes To Town

Posted: April 28th, 2008 @ 10:49pm

Selected dialogue from All My Children's April 28, 2008 episode featuring Angie, Jesse, Frankie and Cassandra.

Angie: Frankie, could you put these on cassandra's bed, please?
Frrankie:  Ma, she's already got six pillows on her bed.
Jesse:  And she likes red peppers, not green.
Angie: You know what? That's fine, that's fine. Make fun of your wife and your mother. Don't care. My baby's coming home and I am tooo happy to care what either of you have to...
Frankie: Ok, so, what if I said I was going to take these pillows and throw them out the window?
Angie:  All of the people that I love in one room.
Jesse: Kind of makes you feel bad about that "pillows out the window" remark, right?
[Frankie laughs]
Frankie: No, this is purely a professional and medical concern. I mean, my mother could explode from too much happiness. Angie: Well, we'll find out, my daughter home, my family together, just the way it was meant to be.


Jesse: I know I'm up in there somewhere. So, let's go get her. All right, get all your peeps in one room and see if you explode. Come on.
Angie: Oh, wait a minute.
Jesse: Oh, I should change?
Angie: No, no, no.
Jesse: You don't like what I'm wearing.
Angie: No, you're fine, baby. Listen, I need a favor. You know, it seems like forever since Cass has been home and as great as this all feels for me --
Jesse: Might be weird for her, right?
Angie: A little.
Jesse: So, you want to go by yourself?
Angie: Do you mind?
Jesse: No, I don't mind. I'll just finish up over here.
Angie: I love you.
Jesse: I know you do. You better love me.
Angie: All right. Now, don't mess up the house.
Jesse: Yes, ma'am.
Frankie: Don't drive too fast.
Angie: And you, clean your room.
[Jesse laughs]
Frankie: She -- clean my room?
Jesse: I can't believe she just said that to you. Clean your -- is it clean?


[Plate breaks]
Jesse: Damn it!
Frankie: Oh, nice going, papa bear.
Jesse: Shut up. Give me a broom.
Frankie: Here you go.
Jesse: Thanks, man. Whoo.
Frankie: You, uh -- you good?
Jesse: What's that supposed to mean? I'm meeting your sister today, why wouldn't I be good?
Frankie: Oh, sooky, sooky, now.
Jesse: "Sooky"?
Frankie: After 20 years on the run, big bad Jesse Hubbard is actually --
Jesse: Nervous, I know. Pathetic, right? And all because of a little girl.
Frankie: Oh, little girl? No, no, that's a bad idea calling her that. Bad.
Jesse: Really? Good looking out.
Frankie: Now, you do know that little girls, they can --
[Frankie sniffs]
Frankie: They can smell fear.
Jesse: Listen to me. Your mother is the woman of my dreams. Your mother has a daughter and that daughter I would like to like me. All right? You got a problem with that?
Frankie: No, you -- you may not like her.
Jesse: Please, man. She's your mother's daughter. I love her already.

Jesse: Whoo, it's hot. If she likes red peppers, the salsa should be cool, right?
Frankie: Sucker.
Jesse: Oh, you didn't just -- I'm going to tell your momma on you.
Frankie: Please.
Jesse: You're jealous.
Frankie: Please. You put six pillows on my bed and I have to sleep on the floor.
Jesse: So, what's she like, this Cassandra Foster?
Frankie: Well, she's way more artsy than me, a little flaky, oh, deep, deep. She writes poetry, but she won't let nobody take a look. Now, her art -- yeah, you can take a look at that, but her poetry, forget about it.
Jesse: Got it. So, personality-wise?
Frankie: You said it. She is her mother's daughter -- stubborn.
Jesse: Strength.
Frankie: And she can fly off like you have no idea.
Jesse: Passion. Chalk it up to intensity. Kind of like you, no?
[Frankie laughs]
Frankie: Dad, she's 18 years old. She's a -- she's a p-p-pain in the ass.
Jesse: Well, she can be a p-p-pain wherever she wants to as long as she's cool with me being with your mom. 


Angie: It's ok to be scared.
Cassandra: I'm not.
Angie: I am.
Cassandra: You know, maybe I am thirsty. So, just sit here and I'll just go get us some --
Angie: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, you don't.
Cassandra: Mom, what? What do you want me to say? Yeah, I mean, it's a little weird that since the last time I saw you, you've fallen in love with Frankie's dad all over again. And who, by the way, we all thought was dead.
Angie: Well, when you put it that way.
Cassandra: It's kind of out there, right?
Angie: There is so much more to tell you, but not here and not yet.
Cassandra: Ok, so we're going to do this. We're going to your place, yours and Jesse's.
Angie: And Frankie's and yours. And you can stay as long as you want, sweetheart. You know, we can drive past PVU if you want, my alma mater. It has a wonderful pre-med program, arts, music --
Cassandra: Ok, whoa, whoa.
Angie: Too much?
Cassandra: And too fast.
Angie: I'll tell you what. Let's go see about the bags. We'll start from there, ok?
Cassandra: Yes, mother. Yes, let us do so.
[Angie and cassandra laugh] 


Jesse: Ok.
Frankie: Oh, look at you. Breathe.
Jesse: Shut up.
Frankie: Breathe.
Jesse: Shut up.
Frankie: Yeah, you better get loose -- snap, crack, and pop because in about three minutes, Cass is going to have you wrapped around her finger.
Jesse: I'm going to pop you, ok? Watch. Don't come for me --
[Cassandra cackles]
Cassandra: Filbert!
Frankie: Dorkas.
Cassandra: Get over here.
Jesse: Filbert.
Frankie: Dorkas.
[Frankie laughs]
Frankie: Oh.
Cassandra: Oh! I missed you! Did you miss me?
Frankie: I missed you. Yes, I did. It's been too long. You're looking grown. Hmm. Hmm.
Cassandra: You're him. You're Jesse.


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